LogiTower storage system works on the model of the lift providing shelves with goods in sequence to the operator. This system enables efficient, ergonomic and safe storage of heavy goods, such as: sheet metal , pipes, long-bars, profiles, panels, metal components, heavy tools, moulds and all other bulky elements.

Peripheral equipment

LogiComb – honeycomb storage system

flexibe solution for the storage of large quantities long-bars

MultiLogitower – many storage columns

MultiLogitower - many storage columns


allows quick goods unloading, which are stored on pallets

LogiTower for storing long goods

vertical storage system for long goods, eg. long-bars, pipes, profiles

LogiTower integrated with a laser

provides an automatic goods retrieving, eg. sheet metal, for a tooling center

LogiTower with a side station

side extraction allows additional loading and unloading of goods from the side of the system

LogiTower with 2 access points

possibility of loading and unloading goods from the front and back of the storage system

LogiTower – double stock

automated storage system, where goods are stored in two columns

LogiTower – single stock

automated storage system, where goods are stored in a single column

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