long goods storage

Compact & automated storage system allows the storage of long goods efficiently.

LogiTower for long goods is used for storing such as long-bars, pipes, profiles, especially for windows production.

How to maximize warehouse space by using LogiTower

LogiTower - automatic storage system for long goods

Long goods storage - benefits:

space-saving ergonomics
fragile goods handling stock control
time-saving  IT integration
fragile goods handling outdoor
heavy goods

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Get to know the benefits of the long goods automated storage system

Our service wouldn’t be complete without a solution designed specifically for storing long goods. Logitower automated storage system is a perfect solution for storing elements of various sizes and lengths. To satisfy the customers’ need for making the intralogistics processes more efficient and safer, we have created dedicated vertical sheet metal storage system that is intended for holding long and bulky goods such as long-bars, pipes, tubes and profiles. It’s also worth mentioning that every Logitower shelf can hold a load of up to 8000 kg and a width of up to 12 meters.

Save magazine space with Logitower long goods solution

Each long goods automated storage system is designed individually for each customer. Our employees precisely measure the accessible space and create an individual project that enables to use the full available room’s height. That way we can provide the solution that guarantees the warehouse ergonomics and saves important space that can be used in a more efficient way, i.e. for expanding production line or enlarging the storehouse. Why should you choose long goods automated storage system? Because it’s a perfect solution for handling fragile items and enables you to reduce its losses. Moreover our automated storage system also allows you to control the stock levels in real time and can be integrated with tooling equipment such as laser cutting machines, water jet cutters, forklift trucks or pneumatic manipulators. Our company provides comprehensive services that also include the installation of the system and service support at you convenience.

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