Peripheral equipment helps to store heavy goods

LogiTower ensures safe, well-organized and flexible storage of very heavy and long goods thanks to the wide range of peripherals.

Our automatic peripheral device are designed each time in accordance with the needs and conditions of the storage place, company, and goods. Appropriate peripherals allow for the best adjustment of the automatic storage system to the customer’s expectations. It is worth noting, among others for many types of access windows, which can be on one side / both sides / side of the tower, dynamic measurement of the height of the goods, weight in the access point or integration of the automatic storage system with laser cutting machines and waterjet. The LogiTower peripheral equipment to storage can be mounted outside the warehouse.

Dynamic height measurement in the access point

Automatic loading to laser and waterjet cutting machines

Peripheral equipment - benefits:

space-saving ergonomics
fragile goods handling stock control
time-saving  IT integration
fragile goods handling outdoor
heavy goods

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Learn the advantages of peripheral devices

The LogiTower customers run their businesses in various industries - light advertising, furniture fittings, electromechanical and electronic components, HVAC and unique transport solutions for heavy loads, just to name a few. That is also the very reason why we strive to always create new solutions and improve our innovative offer of automatic storage systems. One of the main advantage of our Logitower automated storage system for sheet metal, long and untypical goods is its flexibility ensured by wide range of peripheral equipment. Of course, the equipment and functions are fully compatible with all kind of Logitower systems, such as single and double tower, Multilogitower, Logitower for long goods and heavy equipement. What’s important, our peripheral equipment to storage can also be installed outside the magazine. This particular solution allows external unloading of the goods and can save a lot of free space in the warehouse.

Choose peripheral equipment to storage that fits your needs

LogiTower warehouse system is designed for handling long and bulky items such as long goods, sheet metal, pipes, moulds, tubes, profiles and tools. It can hold very heavy goods of different length with a load capacity of up to 8000 kg and a width of up to 12 meters per shelf, ensuring quick and secure goods loading and unloading. For the customer convenience, it can be easily integrated with peripheral device, such as metal processing machines, water jet cutters, FIBER lasers forklift, cranes, pneumatic manipulators, stacker cranes, etc. It can be equipped with a few loading points of different size, side station, depalletizer, scale, dynamic height measurement, and others. What’s important, our Logitower automated storage system with peripheral devices can also be installed outside the warehouse. This particular solution allows external goods unloading that enables to save storage space significantly and make the intralogistics process much more ergonomic and effective.

A fusion of these devices can result in creating more efficient warehouse process, saving both time and energy of your workers and, as a result, faster completion of the clients’ orders. Please remember that each of our automated storage systems for sheet metal, long, heavy and untypical goods is designed individually for each client. That is exactly why our specialists will create an automatic peripheral devices accordingly to the warehouse conditions, your preferences and stored goods’ needs.

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