The flexibility of the Logitower automated storage system enables to be optimally adapted to the company’s business profile, the type of goods stored, as well as the warehouse environment. Logitower can be easily integrated with other devices in the warehouse, such as forklifts, warehouse stacker cranes, industrial manipulators, cranes, or WMS/ERP software of the company creating an integrated, comprehensive warehouse management system.

Logitower is the perfect solution for all applications that require laser or water-jet processing of metal, plastics, wood or other materials such as cutting, welding, marking, drilling or surface treatment. Logitower’s automated storage system can be integrated with industrial manipulators, cranes, and other devices that enable to automatically transfer stored goods directly from the rack to the laser or water-jet center for further processing.

The Logitower integration with a laser or water-jet processing center contributes to the improvement and acceleration of the warehouse processes, as well as to their safety and ergonomics, helping operators in dangerous works, such as an intralogistics transport of heavy and bulky items.

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