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Many years of experience, individual projects, complete service

Logitower is a brand related to the design and implementation of automated storage systems for industry and logistics around the world.

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Our portfolio includes, among others, the LogiTower  sheet metal, long bars, heavy and untypical goods automated storage system, the LogiComb automatic storage system for long goods such as panels, profiles, pipes and rods, as well as the stacker crane LogiCrane.

Our storage solutions are individual and comprehensive, including assembly, professional after-sales service and support of over 60 specialists. It is worth mentioning about the flexibility Logitower projects, that are designed individually and adjusted to the customer’s needs, conditions of his warehouse facilities, type of stored goods, and many other factors.

The recipients of Logitower automated storage systems:

– warehouses and distribution centers

– manufacturers in  engineering, metal, automotive, electronics, home appliances, chemical, aerospace, furniture, plastics and many other industries.

Brand distinguishing values:

– comprehensive operation: design – assembly – warranty and post-warranty service;

– durable construction of systems based on the components of the most recognizable world brands;

– flexibility of solutions thanks to individual design and possibility of cooperation with a wide range of peripheral devices;

– integration with any ERP system;

– support of over 60 professionals.



3B Skrajna street,
31-331, Kraków, Polska
T: +48 12 29 28 100
F: +48 12 29 28 103
e-mail: info@logitower.eu

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Wydział XI KRS, Kraków
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NIP: 679-26-73-811
Kapitał Zakładowy: 300.000,00 PLN

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