How to improve warehouse safety by using LogiTower

News By admin 20 May 2020

The way goods are stored depends on their individual characteristics. In addition to size, weight and shape, sensitivity to external factors such as weather conditions or mechanical damage is also important. Providing high quality steel or aluminum sheets with appropriate storage conditions allows to maintain the high quality of these components, which in turn translates into the value of the final product. What is important in storing metal sheets and how to improve warehouse safety?

When storing metal sheets, it is important to determine the risk and cost of damage during transport, including intra-warehouse transport, depending on their sensitivity to mechanical deformation, susceptibility to scratches, high temperature or humidity. Appropriate sheet metal protection in combination with an appropriate storage system allows to eliminate, or at least significantly reduce, losses in goods.

How to improve warehouse safety?

Storage of steel and aluminum profiles, pipes, requires the use of a storage system appropriate for very long, often diverse goods, ensuring easy access to each stored component. The automatic storage system for steel goods will protect them from damage and make it easy to find them, while the appropriate software will provide access to download histories and ongoing inventory control.

The automated storage system LogiTower is the answer to the needs related to the storage of heavy goods, performing the storage operation for the operator, relieving him from responsibility for damage or other threats to him and the environment when transporting large masses.
This is an important feature of racks and automated systems. Safety in such warehouse operations plays an extremely important role. The risk assessment of workstations often recommends the use of semi- or automatic solutions. LogiTower can work with forklifts, pneumatic manipulators, cranes or machining or cutting centers, e.g. fiber laser. Additional equipment, such as code readers or shelf weighing systems, makes it possible to keep stock control at the level of a single sheet of metal, introducing strict release control.

LogiTower is a safe and ergonomic automated storage system for metal sheets or goods of large dimensions and weight, contributing to a significant saving of storage space. As with all our solutions of this type, automatic storage of metal sheets and logs, tools, storage of dies or other non-standard goods are designed individually for each customer and application, according to their needs. When designing a rack, we adjust the load capacity (up to 8t) or dimensions of shelves (up to 12m), we use the available height of the hall, we make it possible to load goods from the front or to other access windows, e.g. from the back or from the side of the racks. There are versions built outside the building or with access to shelves outside the building in order to load them, significantly shortening the time of steel delivery processes.

Among the many companies that have decided to use our LogiTower automatic sheet metal storage system there is KOMFORT. In this case, the Single Stock LogiTower is about 5m high with 22 shelves. This automatic storage system is used for the safe storage of 3×1.5m sheets that weights up to 3t, and that are likely to be damaged during the storage process. The applied solution allowed to optimize the used warehouse space, improve ergonomics of work and ensure proper protection of stored goods.