Injection mold storage system

News By admin 20 May 2020

Injection molds are a tool that many industries could not do without. Among other things, they are used by the plastics industry for manufacturing packaging and containers, PET bottles, as well as plastic or rubber components. Injection-moulded components are used in almost every industry, from the food industry to the chemical one, including oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, household appliances, transport and many others.

What kind of packaging can we get by injection moulding?

  • Food industry packaging such as ice cream or milk fat boxes, milk product cups and buckets such as yoghurt, cream, kefir, etc
  • packaging for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, such as boxes and jars for storing medicines, supplements and cosmetics
  • plastic packaging for transport purposes
  • industrial packaging such as paint or food storage buckets,
  • container lids
  • PET bottles (moulded by blow moulding method), resistant to chemicals and therefore perfectly suitable for storing cosmetics, varnishes, oils, household or gardening chemicals.

How to properly organize the injection molds storage?

Efficient storing of injection molds can be problematic due to their considerable weight and large dimensions.

An important issue is to properly protect the molds from damage, as well as to ensure the safety of employees involved in the process of intralogistics transport. It is also important to generate space in the warehouse to accommodate these items.

LogiTower automated storage system for injection molds storage

LogiTower automated storage system is an optimal solution for the efficient and safe storage of heavy and untypical goods such as injection molds or matrices.

LogiTower can store large quantities of goods in a small space and save up to 80% of the valuable warehouse premises by taking advantage of the full rooms’ height and all hard-to-reach places, as well as providing optimal storage density.

The modular structure of the Logitower system guarantees its flexibility – adaptation to the warehouse conditions, quick assembly and easy expansion.

The Logitower storage system provides protection for both goods and warehouse staff. It protects sensitive materials from the harmful influence of external factors, contact with chemicals, preventing their soiling, damage or destruction.

It is possible to integrate Logitower storage with industrial manipulators, cranes, warehouse stacker cranes, which additionally increases the safety of intralogistics operations as well as their effectiveness. Easy access to individual pieces of molds as well as fast loading and unloading process further optimizes the efficiency of intralogistics operations.

The manufacturers who appreciated the benefits of using Logitower automated storage system. The benefits of Logitower’s storage of injection molds , heavy and untypical goods have been recognised, among others, by the Hagleitner company, an Austrian manufacturer of cleaning products, detergents and dispensers.

Logitower’s double tower storage with a height of over 8 m, 19 shelves with a width of 6 m and a loading capacity of 5 tons per each shelf provided the company with orderly and safe storage of injection moulds loaded with a crane, easy access to individual pieces of goods, as well as significant savings of the warehouse space

Among the companies that benefited from the advantages of the Logitower automated storage system is also the Bitron company, a manufacturer of electromechanics, mechatronics and rubber products, which decided to install the Logitower double stock with a height of 9 meters outside the warehouse As a result, the company managed to reduce the molds storage area from 66m to 20m2, that was facilitated, among others, by the option of automatic measuring of the goods height, that has ensured optimal storage density.

The company also appreciated the Logitower storage system for the increased efficiency and safety of the intralogistics processes.