Logistics in outdoor advertising

News By admin 20 May 2020

Both advertising agencies and companies providing services to them have to face a problem of optimizing a process of storing materials used in their workplace.

It is essential for this kind of business to ensure optimal storage conditions for the recources used in the production of:

  • illuminated panels
  • advertising structures
  • neon signs and illuminated signs
  • advertising and information boards
  • exhibition systems
  • pylons
  • racks for leaflets and advertising brochures.

Work in the sector often requires using CNC milling plotters for the production of engravers, nameplates, signs, sandwich panels as well as information boards and processing of soft plastics such as plexiglass, PVC, polycarbonate, dibond, wood, mdf, plywood or hpl laminated boards. Storing goods such as metal, glass, leather, engraving materials, wood panels and plexiglass can be a serious problem for laser cutting and engraving service providers because traditional warehouse solutions often can not meet their needs.

Storage of outdoor advertising materials

Working with elements of large and non-standard dimensions as well as susceptible to damage involves the need to create a large warehouse space and appropriate protection of materials against damage. An additional difficulty is to arrange the storage space in such a way as to eliminate difficulties in access to single, selected pieces of material.

Consequently, it is necessary for the producers in the outdoor advertising sector to ensure a proper organization of storage and flow of goods in stock, as well as ergonomics and work safety.

The automatic storage system LogiTower is the answer to needs of companies from the outdoor advertising industry. LogiTower rack allows to save space, store all advertising materials in an orderly manner, protect them from damage, and last but not least easy and quick access to selected pieces of material. LogiTower is a solution designed for optimal storage of materials in stock of very large size, high weight, significant lenght (several meters) or unusual measurements.This solution is particularly often chosen for storing wooden boards, metal sheets and long aluminium profiles.

The automatic storage system LogiTower is individually designed, tailored to the customer’s needs and the specific application. It can have many columns to place advertising materials, many access windows for loading and unloading goods, and last but not least cover much less space than other warehouse solutions.

Automation of storage processes is a key to increase the efficiency of a company and reduce losses in goods.

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