Specialized sheet metal – storing and processing

News By admin 16 March 2020

Types of metal sheets used in industry

Metal sheets are widely used in an industry, especially in machinery, construction, automotive, steel works, metal one and many others. We distinguish many types of sheets based on such criteria as their thickness, type of surface, properties, resistance to damage, e.g:

  • black sheet metal – very durable, resistant to mechanical damage, used e.g. for the production of pipes
  • stainless steel – steel sheet, resistant to high temperatures, characterized by anti-corrosive properties and high strength
  • galvanized steel – a type of steel sheet coated with zinc, used in inter alia the automotive industry where high corrosion protection is a priority.


We can also distinguish sheet metal based on the material they are made of:

  • steel sheets (including acid-resistant, heat-resistant or galvanized sheets) – characterized by very high resistance to mechanical damage, often coated with zinc (galvanized sheet), used inter alia for the production of heating devices and in construction industry.
  • aluminum sheets – very light, flexible, resistant to weather conditions and corrosion
  • copper sheets – often used in the electronics and electrotechnical industries.
  • brass sheets – prone to plastic forming and resistant to corrosion.

The other criteria of sheet metal division is their thickness. We distinguish therefore very thin (so-called ‘foil’), thin and thick sheets.


How to increase the capacity of sheet metal storage

Storing metal sheets can be very problematic due to their significant size that requires a large storage area, difficult access to particular pieces and the risk of their damage resulting in loss of goods.

The way to increase the capacity of the warehouse without increasing its area is LogiTower automated sheet metal storage system. This solution enables to save up to 80% of a storage space. It also reduces working time significantly and facilitates searching process and access to selected types of metal sheets.

Increasing work safety in a sheet metal warehouse

Working with large, heavy and bulky goods can increase a risk of an accident in the warehouse significantly. The implementation of the LogiTower automated storage system facilitates the process of loading and unloading metal sheets, but also notably increases the labour safety in the sheet metal warehouse and ensures protection of the sheets against damage.

LogiTower automated storage system can be integrated with laser and water cutting machines as well as with pneumatic manipulators.


Integration of the automated sheet metal storage system with CNC machines and WMS

The integration of sheet metal automated storage system with process machines accelerates work and facilitates providing sheet metal to a FIBER laser or waterjet machining center. This process can be completely automated resulting in increasing an efficiency of production processes.

Integration with the internal company’s IT system (WMS, ERP) enables a constant inventory control in real time, access to operation history, quick and easy search as well as loading and unloading of goods.


LogiTower – a flexible automatic sheet metal storage system

LogiTower is an automated system for storing metal sheets, pipes, profiles, rods, heavy specialist tools and untypical goods of any kind.

It ensures organized and economical storing of sheet metal, increasing ergonomy and labour safety. The system can be integrated with process machines and cooperate with pneumatic manipulators, cranes, etc. LogiTower is equipped in dynamic measurement of the height of the goods, weight in the access point and depalletizator.

The unique design of the shelves in LogiTower enables to store goods densely, especially in case of goods of significant weight up to 8 tones and length up to 12 meters. Access to the particular sheet metal is fast and convenient, while the system operation through the control panel is easy and intuitive. The LogiTower AS/RS system can be equipped with many types of different access points for loading goods from the front, back or side of the rack.

Each automatic LogiTower sheet metal storage system is individually designed according to customer requirements. Therefore, we offer a tailor-made solution that increases enterprise efficiency, reducing use of storage area, losses in goods and operating costs such as a rent for leasing warehouse space.