Long goods storage – automated warehouse

News By admin 16 March 2020

Challenges the steel and aluminium manufacturers and processors face

The efficient storing of long goods such as aluminium profiles, stainless steel rods, PVC pipes, window and door frames or roof gutters currently demands to implement modern technological solutions, automation and robotisation. These are the factors that often enable companies to gain an advantage over the competition and secure a their stable position in the market. Long goods storage requires a very capacious warehouse space and special care to protect the goods against damage, both mechanical and chemical one, e.g. corrosion. The metal industry faces a serious challenge of storing a wide range of materials as well as a necessity to ensure easy and quick access to selected types of long-bars. How to deal with the problem and ensure timely deliveries to their customers? What aspects are particularly important today for companies producing and storing large quantities of long goods? And last but not least, what is the role of LogiTower automated storage systems in optimising warehouse processes?

Reducing losses in long goods

Long goods are particularly susceptible to mechanical damage due to their signifiant size. Storing large batches of profiles, rods or pipes in a small storage area can result with their deformation due to their significant weight or conditions of intralogistics transport. It is neccessary to protect them from demage to minimize the loss of goods and ensure timely deliveries. The LogiTower automated storage system enables to devide shelves into smaller zones, that facilitates protection of selected types of long goods from contact with other metal elements and access to particular pieces of goods.

Increasing the long goods storage capacity

In case of storing long goods, such as profiles, rods or pipes, it is crucial to take advantage of a full warehouse space available and reduce operating costs to increase the efficiency of your enterprise. It requires a solution that enables to take advantage of the entire warehouse halls height and increases an effectivness and safety of intralogistics processes. The LogiTower automated storage system, thanks to its unique construction, enables to save warehouse space and dense storing of goods.

Easy and quick access to the selected type of long goods

It is possible to optimize the time spent on warehouse operations. Logitower, that facilites access to particular pieces of selected materials, improves work ergonomics and easy depalletisation, enables to save up to 50% of working time. The system ensures the possibility of ordered goods storing and can be easily integrated with the metal processing machines, such as laser cutting or waterjet. Automatization of long goods loading and unloading process reduces the time of these operations.

Warehouse inventory control and increased transparency of warehouse operations

The LogiTower automated long goods warehouse can be integrated with WMS. Employees have an access to report on warehouse operations and goods picking history as well as current stock levels. It is worth mentioning that an access point is equipped with a system of weighing the collected batches of goods.

Meet Lenze, Specma, Jack Steel Machines, who have already made a decision!

In the warehouse of Lenze, the manufacturer of mechatronics, automation and digitalization systems, we installed 2 double LogiTower automated storage systems of a height of 7m for storing rods and shafts. Each of them is equipped with 27 shelves with dimensions of 6300 x 700 x 295 mm and a load capacity of 5 tones per shelf. The bundles of rods are loaded by means of a forklift. Using automated storage system Logitower has enabled to save space and intralogistics operation time as well as increase labor safety.

A similar solution, double Logitower automated storage system, has been implemented in Specma company,the manufacturer of hydraulic systems and components. This ASRS LogiTower has been equipped with 2 access points that enables to separate loading and unloading zones. The bundles of rods of a lenght up to 6 meters are loaded by means of a gantry. The scale in the side and front trolleys facilitates an ongoing inventory control.

Jack Steel Machines manufacturer is a wood processing company. The single LogiTower automated storage system provided to their warehouse has enabled to optimize intralogistics processes by increasing warehouse capacity, safety of goods and employees, as well as improving workflow.

It is worth noting that the LogiTower high bay automated storage system is a storage solution designed individually for each customer. This allows you to maximize the use of storage conditions and adjust the machine to the stored goods and the expectations of the company.