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LogiTower storage system works on the model of the lift providing shelves with goods in sequence to the operator. This system enables efficient, ergonomic and safe storage of heavy goods, such as: sheet metal , pipes, long-bars, profiles, panels, metal components, heavy tools, moulds and all other bulky elements.

LogiComb – honeycomb storage system

flexibe solution for the storage of large quantities long-bars

MultiLogitower – many storage columns

MultiLogitower - many storage columns


allows quick goods unloading, which are stored on pallets

LogiTower for storing long goods

vertical storage system for long goods, eg. long-bars, pipes, profiles

LogiTower integrated with a laser

provides an automatic goods retrieving, eg. sheet metal, for a tooling center

LogiTower with a side station

side extraction allows additional loading and unloading of goods from the side of the system

LogiTower with 2 access points

possibility of loading and unloading goods from the front and back of the storage system

LogiTower – double stock

automated storage system, where goods are stored in two columns
How does it work?

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Metal sheet storage has never been so easy

LogiTower is an automated storage system that allows you to not only metal sheets but also other heavy products such as pipes, profiles, frames, tools, moulds, weighty pallets, metal components and long-bars. This sheet metal storage solution enables ergonomic, efficient and safe warehousing of heavy goods while taking advantage of an available room height. How does it work? The system uses the model of the lift that is providing shelves with goods in sequence to the operator. What’s important, our storage system is designed individually for every client, therefore we can take advantage of the full available room height. LogiTower is produced by specializing in designing automated storage systems and has 16 years of experience on the market of Intralogistics 4.0 solutions.

Automated sheet metal storage system for your business

We are perfectly aware that our clients need different arrangements of our sheet metal storage system, and this is why we have made sure that LogiTower is available in several distinct configurations such as single and multiple stock integration with a laser, etc. Basic single stock allows you to store goods in a single column and it offers integration with a laser or any other equipment. Double stock enables you to have two rows of storage granting direct access both from the front and the back of the system. LogiTower is also perfect for storing long goods – this vertical sheet metal storage system can be used to contain such products as pipes, profiles and long-bars, which makes it an excellent solution for manufacturing companies.

Moreover, LogiTower with a side station gives additional loading and unloading possibilities as it provides access to stored goods from the lateral side of the rack as well. The option of storage system with two access points, which enables loading and unloading goods from both sides of the LogiTower is also available. Our sheet metal storage system can be integrated with machine tools, such as laser cutting machines and water jet cutters. We also recommend our depalletizer that allows quick and efficient disembarkation of the cargo, even irregular goods such as profiles, panels, metal components, moulds, sheet metal and many other products of heavy weight or large dimensions.

Safety first

Logitower provides appropriate protection to fragile elements of large and non-standard dimensions against demage that reduces losses in goods. Moreover the system significantly improves the safety of work conditions for operators who are in charge of intralogistics operations.

Metal warehousing: effortless and capacious

Why should you choose our automated sheet metal storage system? Because LogiTower allows you to store the products of the weight up to 8000 kg per one shelf and it can also hold bulky elements up to 12 m of width. That is why LogiTower enable to save up to 80% of space and ensure that you use every square meter of your warehouse effectively. Morover, our solution can also save a lot of time and allows you to handle fragile goods with sufficient care. Companies both Polish and international that have already entrusted us with their metal warehousing include Wiśniowski, Emo Neon, MZKT, and many more. Join them now and simplify your storage!

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