honeycomb storage system

LogiComb – honeycomb storage

and retrieval system which provides efficient sorting of very long goods: pipes, profiles, rods.

LogiComb is designed by using the modern technology. This system increases the safety of the personnel and the stored goods and maximizing the warehouse space. Material handling is faster and more effective and the costs lower.

The honeycomb shelving system is perfect and flexibe solution for the storage of large quantities long-bars.

LOGICOMB - efficient long goods (long bars) honeycomb type automated storage system

LENZE - storage of rods and rollers in the production hall

Honeycomb storage system benefits:

space-saving ergonomics
warehouse safety stock control
time-saving  IT integration
fragile goods handling outdoor
heavy goods

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Try unique shelving solution for long goods

Storing and handling metal goods of significant size and length can be a serious problem for enterprises.
That is why our offer has been enhanced with solutions that ensures proper storage condition for these items. One of the recommended options is LogiComb honeycomb shelving system, which has been designed specifically for storing the large numbers of pipes, rods and long bars. The LogiComb system holding bulky goods up to 12 meters of width can be easily integrated with CNC processing centers providing the storing elements to laser or water-jet cutting systems.

Automated storage of long and heavy objects

One of the main benefits of implementing this innovative storage system is the significant space saving in the company's warehouse. You can save even up to 80% of the storage space and make sure you are taking advantage of every square meter of your warehouse space effectively. As a result, the regained area can be utilised to store more cargo, to expand the production line or for any other purposes.

Implementation of our LogiComb, honeycomb storage system can not only save warehouse space but also time that operators spending on handling a fragile cargo. LogiComb automated storage system also increases the safety of goods and warehouse staff. It enables the operators to safely load and unload long-bars and pipes. All the dangerous works are performed by the LogiComb system. Automated materials handling also significantly reduces losses or damage to goods. The unique construction of this system is optimal for storing long and heavy items such as rods, pipes, profiles or long-bars. These features make LogiComb a highly recommended solution for companies operating in numerous heavy industries, like the railway industry, automotive and HVAC branches, window and door profiles manufacturers and many others.

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