Automatic warehouse

The automatic storage system MultiLogitower can be equipped with multiple storage columns and access windows.

This automated storage system is individually designed according to the customer’s needs. It can be available in many variants, have many storage columns, access windows, cooperate with a processing centre, laser and water cutting machines, etc.

Automatic warehouse of sheet metal, pipes, rods, profiles and untypical goods Multilogitower allows ergonomic and safe storage, save the warehouse space by using the available height of the room.

Multilogitower - automatic sheet metal, pipes, rods, profiles and unusual goods storage system

Automatic sheet metal storage system LogiTower

Automatic warehouse benefits:

space-saving ergonomics
fragile goods handling stock control
time-saving  IT integration
fragile goods handling outdoor
heavy goods

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Store even more heavy metal goods

We know perfectly well that companies using LogiTower automated storage systems represent very diverse industries. They have individual requirements resulting from the size of warehouse space available and various amounts as well as sizes of cargo they need to store. Therefore we have made our offer of automated metal storage systems flexible and diversified. Apart from standard products, like single or double Logitower, we have also prepared a solution that can hold even more items. MultiLogitower enables companies to store goods in multiple columns, save even more warehouse space and handle fragile items with sufficient care. This automated storage system, just as other products in our offer, also allows enterprises to store big and bulky goods such as pipes, moulds, sheet metal, rods, profiles and tools. It is worth mentioning that multiple storage columns can hold not only long and heavy cargo but also goods that have untypical construction or size. Our clients can store products of the weight up to 8000 kg and length up to 12 m on a single shelf.

Save time and space thanks to automatic warehouse

One of the most significant benefits of implementing multiple storage columns is space saving. MultiLogitower as our every product is designed especially to meet every client's individual needs. Our technical experts design the project of automated storage system based on the detailed warehouse measurements to make sure that it takes maximum advantage of the warehouse space available.

Multiple storage towers can be equipped with various additional peripheral facilities and devices, including side access, depalletizing system, scale, dynamic height measurement, 2 access points, and many others. The storage system can be easily integrated with laser, processing centre and water cutting machines. This combination can help in creating ergonomic warehouse space. The automated storage system provides the optimal conditions of storing fragile goods in an orderly manner, protecting them from damage. It also ensures the safety of warehouse staff and ergonomic work conditions.
It allows as well the workers to control inventory in real-time and significantly reduces the time employees spend on handling heavy goods. As a result, they can focus on other tasks and improve the production process.

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