Ventilation and air-conditioning industry – automation of warehouse processes

News By admin 16 March 2020

There is no need to convince anyone that automation is a key step on the way to improve an efficiency of warehouse processes. A part of this process is the implementation of automated storage systems and their management software. As a manufacturer and distributor of various automatic storage systems for almost every industry, we notice a growing demand for high bay systems in sheet metal warehouses. Due to the large size of the products, risk of their damage resulting from improper storage conditions, the interest of entrepreneurs in using automated high bay storage systems, that enable to save space significantly, rises.

Warehouse automation in air conditioning & ventilation industry

One of the branches that becomes increasingly willing to implement automatic storage systems is the air conditioning and ventilation industry. Manufacturers of air conditioners, plenum boxes, roof bases, silencers, refrigeration units, air handling units, smoke ventilation systems, air purifiers, heat pumps and accessories realize that automation of warehouse processes has a very positive impact on a production efficiency.

In case of ventilation and air conditioning systems, it is crucial to find a solution that will ensure the most efficient storage of sheet metal, including galvanized steel, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, aluminum sheet, copper or plastic. Sheet metal is the basic material used for a production of a wide range of ventilation accessories: ducts and fittings, a whole range of spiro, welded or welded ducts, flange connections, inlets, ventilation grilles, dampers or eaves. All the processes in the companies are managed by ERP class integrated IT systems, supervising every work stage, from enquiry, through placing order, to production and distribution.

The key link in these processes is LogiTower – the automatic storage system for metal sheets, pipes and profiles. The project is designed in accordance with the Client’s requirements, the products specification and the conditions of the place of their storing. It is destined to store very large, long or heavy objects of the weight of up to 8,000 kg and a length of up to 12 meters.

One of the most important functions of the LogiTower rack is storing large quantities of goods in a small storage area, ensuring the safety of stored elements and operators as well as speeding up the process of collecting inter alia large sheets metal. The system consists of any number of columns and access windows, one of which can be used only for loading goods and the other one for their unloading and delivering automaticaly to laser cutting machines or waterjets. It is worth mentioning that the LogiTower automatic sheet metal storage system can be integrated with the company’s ERP system, may be also equiped with scales in access windows and an access control system with different levels of authorization.

The Logitower automated storage system has been implemented in a warehouse of one of our customers – VentiAir company, the manufacturer of ventilation, air conditioning, heating and cooling equipment. The VentiAir systems get installed in office buildings, hotels, hospitals, sports and recreation facilities, production halls, power plants, mines, supermarkets, multicinemas, laboratories and many other places. The company specializes in a production of ventilation and air-conditioning units used in industrial and public facilities, recuperators, and also provides laser cutting and sheet metal bending services. The company’s modern machine park has been supplemented with an automatic LogiTower sheet metal storage system. It is used to store sheets metal of 3000 mm x 1500 mm in the production warehouse. This system ensures fast sheet metal unloading, automatic delivery to cutting machines, safety of warehouse operations, constant control of stock levels thanks to the weight available in the access window.

Technical parameters of the LogiTower in VentiAir:

Number of towers: 1

Height: 5m

Number of shelves: 22

Number of access points: 1

Load capacity: 66 000 kg