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News By admin 16 March 2020

The role of automatic storage systems in storing metal products

The automated storage system is a perfect solution that enables to save warehouse space, which is important for companies that face its limitations. Automatic storage system allows them to reduce the use of storage space up to 80%, which translates into decreasing operating costs and fees resulting from, for example, renting a warehouse premises. It also gives an opportunity to use recovered storage space in more efficient way, and inventory increase as well.

The answer to problems with storing very large, heavy, long and untypical goods of the weight of up to 8 tons and a length of up to 12 m is the LogiTower automatic storage system, designed in accordance with individual customer guidelines, which guarantees its maximum adaptation to company needs.

LogiTower is a solution that not only saves warehouse storage space, but also increases the safety of employees and stored goods.

How to improve warehouse safety? Storing large sheet metal products or logs such as pipes, profiles, rods, etc. often generates logistical problems, such as lack of space, damage or contamination of stored elements, accidents in the warehouse or problems accessing a chosen batch of goods. LogiTower automatic storage system enables to store profiles of up to several meters long conveniently and economically. Access to particular piece of goods is maximally facilitated. System operation using the control panel is easy and intuitive, without requiring an advanced training. After selecting the appropriate name, code or icon of the item, the elevator brings it to the access point located at an ergonomic height rapidly. LogiTower can be integrated with laser (fiber) or waterjet cutting machines and works with manipulators. Loading and unloading zones can be separated, which significantly improves intralogistics and increases production efficiency.


Case study: automatic sheet metal warehouse at WIŚNIOWSKI

 WIŚNIOWSKI case study video 

WIŚNIOWSKI, a manufacturer of sectional, roller shutter, suspended, folding doors, as well as reloading systems, industrial fences, woodwork for objects such as doors, windows, facades, walls and firework decided to take advantage of the opportunities offered by LogiTower automatic storage system.

WIŚNIOWSKI equipped its warehouse with Double LogiTower, approximately 5 meters in height, with two access points and shelves of two different heights. The automated storing metal products enabled the company to store 3000 x 1500 mm sheet metal on 36 shelves together securely and orderly. The sheets are being transported to the access point by means of a forklift, placed on a shelf and load with an extractor. After unloading process the goods can be provided to further processing by vacuum lift.

Increasing storage capacity and work safety

Storing metal products and semi-finished products such as large sheets, long bars, pipes and profiles as well as very heavy specialized tools requires a large storage area, that is expensive and not always available. Moreover the material stored on the warehouse floor is exposed to damage or pollution and may also increase the number of accidents among employees.

Concerning work safety, decreasing losses in goods can go hand in hand with increasing the capacity of the warehouse without necessity of increasing its dimensions. It is possible by installing the LogiTower automatic storage system that saves up to 80% of the warehouse space.

Integration of automatic shelving with processing machines and ERP systems

Automatic storing metal products Wiśniowski LogiTower can be integrated with manipulators, automated laser cutting machines, water cutters or conveyors. Automation of metalworking process facilitates and speeds up warehouse operations resulting in increasing their efficiency.

The integration of LogiTower with the company’s internal ERP system is another advantage of this solution. The advantages of LogiTower such as saving the warehouse space, increasing the speed of warehouse operations as well as safety of work and goods, makes automatic storage systems an investment worth considering and implementing, especially in the broadly understood metal industry.