automated laser cutting

LogiTower is an automated system for storing sheets of metal.

This kind of system integrated with a laser (Fiber) provides an automated goods retrieving directly for a tooling center, including precision automated laser cutting.

LogiTower - automated storage system integrated with laser cutter

LogiTower - automatic storage system for sheet metal and long goods


space-saving ergonomics
fragile goods handling stock control
time-saving  IT integration
fragile goods handling outdoor
heavy goods

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LogiTower provides innovative storing solutions that enables our customers to work more efficiently and ergonomically, save their time and precious storage space. To offer more facilities to our customers, we ensure the integration of Logitower with automated laser cutting system that delivers the stored goods directly to the tooling center where they can be subjected to the laser treatment. LogiTower integrated with laser cutting center is a perfect solution for storing and processing bulky goods, such as sheet metal, pipes, frames, moulds, profiles, long-bars, etc, handling fragile items and reducing the loss of stored goods. It’s worth stressing that one shelf can store cargo of up to 8000 kg and a width of up to 12 meters.

Compact & automated storage system with laser

This innovative solution integrated with laser cutting center let you save your employees time and make the goods processing much more efficient and ergonomic. It enables to significantly reduce the time that your staff spends on loading, unloading and tooling the goods that results among others in shortening time of completing the client’s order. More important qualities? It’s worth mentioning that our system can be integrated not only with laser cutting machines but also with water jet cutters, forklift trucks, cranes or pneumatic manipulators. Logitower automated storage system also enables you to control your inventory in real time, ensures ergonomic work conditions and significantly saves space by using the full available room height. You regain precious space that you may need for other important purposes such as enlarging the warehouse, expanding the production line, etc.

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