LogiTower equipped with depalletizer allows quick goods unloading, which are stored on pallets.

Depalletizer enables efficient seperation the pallets from sheet metal (or other goods) directly on the LogiTower shelves , which greatly saves storage space.

LogiTower with depalletizer

LogiTower - sheet metal and long-bar automated storage system

Depalletizer - benefits:

space-saving ergonomics
fragile goods handling stock control
time-saving  IT integration
fragile goods handling outdoor
heavy goods

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Meet the effortless depalletizer system for your business

Storing fragile heavy goods, such as panels, profiles, moulds, pipes, frames and other metal components can be a serious problem. Therefore they need to be stored in a suitable way and should be handled very carefully in order to avoid any mechanical damages. That is the reason, why we have made sure that every version of our Logitower automated storage system can be equipped with a depalletizer. The tool enables speedy and effective unloading of the cargo and it can handle even fragile goods and products that have irregular shape or size. This way all the bulky products in your magazine will be stored correctly and maintain their high quality for a long time.

Remember that depalletizer can help you with efficient unloading of even the largest cargo.

Depalletizer: unload the merchandise in a blink of an eye

What is so special about the depalletizer system by LogiTower? It enables to get rid of the redundant pallets from your magazine or a warehouse. You can easily separate the pallets from sheet metal or any other goods that are to be loaded, with its support. This way you can place the merchandise directly on the shelves of our Logitower automated storage system, discarding the needless pallets and saving more space in your warehouse or production magazine. This way you can save not only the precious space but also the time of your employees, as the depalletizer enables to shorten a duration of unloading the merchandise.

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