double stock storage system

Automated storage system, where the goods are stored in two columns, and the elevator gives the shelves with goods to the operator at an ergonomic height.

Direct access can take place both from the front and the back of the system. Thus the loading and unloading of goods is much more convenient. There is also integration with a crane or other machinery used during production process possible.

Automated storage system for sheet metal and long-bars enables ergonomic and safe storage of heavy goods while using the available room height:

  • up to 6 tons/shelf
  • up to 12 m width
  • loading using a forklift truck, crane etc.
  • integration with laser (FIBER) or other equipment

How does the double stock work?

Metal sheets and long-bars storage integrated with laser

Double stock - benefits:

space-saving ergonomics
fragile goods handling stock control
time-saving  IT integration
fragile goods handling outdoor
heavy goods

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Get to know the advantages of the double stock storage system

LogiTower automatic storage system provides the oportunity to store goods not only in single stock, but also in two towers of storage. The so-called double stock enables the goods to be held in two separate towers and ensures even more space-saving. It also enables direct access both from the front and the back of the system, which makes the process of loading and unloading of the bulky cargo much more convenient, efficient and ergonomic. The solution enables your company to save a lot of precious time as a result. What’s more, you gain much-needed space that can be utilized to your company’s benefit such as enlarging the warehouse or expanding the production line.

Easy access to the stored components

It’s worth mentioning that each shelf of our automated storage system can accommodate a load of up to 8000 kg and a width of up to 12 meters, which means it is a perfect solution for storing metal sheets, rods, pipes, frames, pallets, tools and other heavy or untypical metal components. Our automated storage system enables you to store and take care of the goods properly. LogiTower’s double stock system provides appropriate protection to the fragile elements and reduces a loss and demage to the goods as a result,. What is important, the system also significantly improves the safety of work conditions, especially for operators who work inside a warehouse or a production hall. The double stock storage system also enables you to control the goods supplies, movement and inventory in real time. We have also made sure that LogiTower’s double stock can be integrated with forklifts, cranes, pneumatic manipulators or FIBER lasers - everything to make your job easier.

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