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Installing an automatic storage system seems to be impossible in some warehouses, because of their size or a layout of the warehouse/production hall. Our current customer, Fabryka Maszyn Pakujących PABLO (PABLO Packing Machinery Factory), had similar concerns, searching for a solution that would save the storage space and make communication routes available for employees.

PABLO is a manufacturer of packaging lines and machines for companies of various industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food.

We proposed to them the LogiTower automatic storage system with the so-called semi-automatic shelf extension under the tower and 2 access points. This solution enables to save storage space, as well as gain access to the stored goods from both sides of the system. The extractor occupies the space of communication routes only for the time of the system activation, while the employees have an access to them the rest of the time.

Storage of materials in a small warehouse space

How does it work? An access point on one side of the LogiTower is operated by a forklift truck, the door is opened for loading and the sheet metal get stored in the system. When LogiTower is inactive, the extractor gets hidden under the tower, and the space of communication routes that has been previously occupied by the device gets available for employees. The second access point is designed to supply the laser and water cutter with sheet metal. The solution is recommended for companies that do not need to load and unload goods frequently or dispose a small or difficult to arrange warehouse space.

   WATCH the video from the implementation of the automatic sheet metal storage system LogiTower in the Packing Machinery Factory PABLO

Morover, access points are equipped with a weighing system that enables to control stock levels on an ongoing basis, both inventory receipts and warehouse releases. A designated employee monitors the machine cycle and the status of all sensors. The information enables to control the LogiTower’s condition constantly. Different levels of access are granted for different employees, and each user is automatically logged out of the system after the end of work or during a break.



Number of towers: 2

Shelf height: 4 m

Number of shelves: 34

Number of access points: 2

Storage material: acid-resistant, stainless steel, black, aluminum, plastic goods of 3000mm x 1500mm size

Load capacity: 102 000 kg

Characteristics: semi-automatic extractor control, scale in access point, access control system, integration with laser cutting machines and waterjet.


Implementation of the LogiTower automatic sheet metal storage system enables the customer to store 102,000 kg of materials within the area of 26 m2. Integration with laser and waterjet cutting machines facilitates and accelerates loading and unloading process, increasing the level of work safety in the warehouse at the same time. The extractor semi-automaticaly controled, specially designed for the customer, make the communication routes available for employees, and the weighing system enables to control the stock levels on an ongoing basis.


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