storage system with 2 access points

LogiTower with 2 access points allows loading and unloading goods from many sides of the automated storage system.

Automated metal sheet and long-bar storage system can be used as a buffer thanks to 2 access pionts. Loading zone is separated from the collection area, often associated with the production and integrated with other device e.g laser cutting.

LogiTower - automatic sheet metal storage system with 2 access points

LogiTower with 2 access points


space-saving ergonomics
fragile goods handling stock control
time-saving  IT integration
fragile goods handling outdoor
heavy goods

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Get easier access to the stored goods

LogiTower provides not only single and double stock automatic storage systems, but also a version that has more access points and that makes the intralogistics processes in the warehouse easier and much more efficient. LogiTower’s storage system with 2 access points enables you to load and unload the heavy goods from many sides and significantly improves the workstation ergonomics. It’s worth noting that this solution enables to separate loading zone from the unloading area of the storage and can be integrated with other equipment. It’s possible to merge LogiTower with metal processing devices such as water jet cutters, forklift trucks, cranes, pneumatic manipulators or FIBER lasers. That will result in saving time and energy of your employees.

Learn the advantages of two access points storage system

The Logitower automated storage system is perfect solution for holding goods of various sizes and lengths and can be used to store heavy elements like pipes, long-bars, sheet metal, moulds, profiles, pallets, tools and frames. One Logitower shelf can hold cargo of up to 8000 kg and a width of up to 12 meters. Of course, every storage system with 2 access points is individually designed so it can fit into your warehouse perfectly. It also enables to maximize the efficiency of available space using the full accessible room’s height. The space regained this way can be utilized then for other purposes like enlarging the magazine or adding new production lines. LogiTower’s automated system with 2 points of access is also an excellent choice for handling fragile cargo that are particularly vulnerable to mechanical damages. Adequate protection of these items will also result in a substantial reduction in the loss of goods.

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